Powerful Language: Out of the Dark into the Light


Taught by William Ross

ASL with no ASL to English interpretation

CEU:0.3, BEI Category:Interpreting (I.), RID Category:PS-PPO

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Taught by William Ross

Workshop Synopsis: This workshop addresses powerful language in the life of the Christian interpreter. We recognize that profanity has a purpose, yet its use causes many interpreters to feel uncomfortably conflicted – this is especially the case with believers. The struggle to incorporate the profanity used by the Deaf person into the interpretation is real. The conversation regarding this taboo has been long held in the shadows; it is time to move the discussion into the light. This workshop will discuss the various types of profanity (ex: scatological, sexual, etc.) as well as some of the purposes of profane language (camaraderie, abuse, etc.). Special attention will be given to the creation of balance; when appropriately and purposefully used profanity is powerful, but employed in excess it can become ineffective and meaningless. Believing interpreters must reconcile their spiritual, professional and personal values in light of ethical practice. It is clear that this particular element of language deserves our attention and as interpreters we do not have the luxury of ignoring four-letter-words. This workshop will primarily focus on ASL to English interpretations. [Warning: This workshop will incorporate profanity for instructional purposes, consider this before attending].

Presenter Bio: William F. Ross III, a child of Deaf parents, has been interpreting for more than 36 years and holds dual certification (CI/CT) from the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf. He has a Master of Science Degree in Special Education from Missouri State University. Currently, Bill is the Curriculum Development Specialist at Deaf Bible Society (DBS); developing trainings and resources for individuals who work on Bible translation into Sign Language. Prior to coming to DBS, he was the Program Director of the Carlstrom Interpreter Training Program at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Ross was previously the Director of the Communication Access Support Services Department at North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD); where he established the NCSD Mentorship Project and Distance Learning Mentoring Program to provide ongoing support to educational and freelance interpreters. He is passionate about building mentoring relationships, studying ASL and accompanying interpreters on the journey of perfecting their craft.